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Starting a Business? Here's what you need to know...

10 Practical steps for starting a business

For location information on starting a business and permits contact
Bleckley County Commissioner’s Office at 478-934-3200 or
City of Cochran 478-934-6346

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  U.S. Small Business Administraton (SBA)

          SBA Small Business Planner

          SBA Financial Assistance

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         SBA Contracting Opportunities

         SBA's "Are You Ready to Start a Business?" Assessment Tool

        SBA Georgia

Citizens Bank & Trust Company

        Citizens Bank of Cochran

        State Bank of Cochran

Finding a Mentor
Need someone to help you get started in your own business, select a mentor...

Federal Grant Assistance
Need federal grant assistance to start you business...

Small Business Debt

What are 1099s?

Small Business Financing

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